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Welcome to AddVenture!

AddVenture is a travel journal. Whether you are going for a one-hour dog walk or a multi-day expedition, AddVenture can keep track of all your exciting events. You can add notes, voice memos, photos and movies. Each event is stamped with the location, using the built-in GPS. When your trip is complete, export it to a web page, Google Earth, or iPhoto.

AddVenture is perfect for any kind of trip record, whether it's a tour of the neighborhood, a back-country adventure, or professional field research. People using AddVenture include:

AddVenture helps you make the most of your excursions by combining 5 different technologies: GPS, voice recorder, still camera, video camera, including the venerable but cluttered pen and paper.

At any point in your trip you can export it for your own records. AddVenture can generate a web archive which you can email to whomever you like. A Google Earth file is included in the web archive, or it can be exported on its own for a quick trip review. And you can export your photos and movies to iPhoto.

To view a sample AddVenture web archive, click here.
(requires Firefox or Safari)

Note that AddVenture does not continuously record location information. Such activity is very draining on the iPhone battery. Location information is recorded only when you record an event, such as note, voice memo, photo or movie.

I'm sure you will enjoy AddVenture and that it will serve you well!